Ava M. Hu, Artist

"I am a poet and mixed media artist interested in all things that cause light to form." For more about ava, see www.avamhu.com.

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Josh Axelrod, Photographer

“I seek the poetry of our landscape, the imagery I hope to convey.”

Josh Axelrod trained at Rocky Mountain School of Photography and exhibits nationwide and in galleries throughout Vermont. From the back woods of Vermont, to the western shores of Washington; high in the Andes of Peru and deep into the wild of Alaska, he finds inspiration in what is often overlooked- the simple things that blanket the earth.

Josh photographs using traditional films, but incorporates a pure carbon pigment printing process, arguably the finest photographic printing technology to date. This process produces the smoothest possible tonalities and the greatest available longevity.

Josh Axelrod’s collectable photographs are sought out by many and are found in homes and institutions across the country and around the world.

Josh Axelrod Photography

324 Webster Road

P.O. Box 34

Roxbury, VT 05669


(802) 505.0231

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